You need it!

You need it! 1.101

You need it! is a very useful comprehensive Business and Utility...

You need it! is a very useful comprehensive Business and Utility software suite which you can hard find elsewhere. It consists of 15 modules: AutoStart, AutoShut, MeasureMe, PadPlus, Find in Files, Files/Directories Compare, Add/Remove Line Numbers, Remove Blank Lines, C/C++ Source code Formatter, CRC32 File, CRC32 String, MD5 Digital Signature, MD5 Hash Generator, Registry Map, Skins.

Why You need it? Whether you are a businessman or a student, and whether you are a common clerk or a housewife, You need it! is the comprehensive solution to most of your requirementsquot; for almost your every need.

Here are some key features and highlights about You need it. 10 Reasons Why You need it Is Right For You! 1. Best Value For Your Money. 2. Beautiful skinnable interface.

3. MeasureMe can save you much time and improve your productivity, one word: help you earn more $:-)4. Find any words or phrases even paragraphs in files or hard disks.

5. Compare any Files or Directories. 6. Free Upgrade for life! 7. More precise result and less time consumption - Find in Files, Files/Directories Compare8.

Do you want to protect your business secrets? Do you want to know if your files have been tampered by hackers, your business or political opponents, or your rivals in love?